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Artist statement

His life course leads him into the startups world where he is responsible for supervising more than 250 startups. It guides entrepreneurs to build visual identity. An interesting experience that will lead him to develop his capacities of analysis, understanding of human psychology and design. But also the understanding especially of the new world nascent, the economy of sharing.
Drawing and art are never far away. The trip to Japan either. To leave the heart light Ousmane rushes to Japan, as he will throw himself to develop his style: a jump into the void, executed by a traveling, nomadic, itinerant artist, exiled from the inside, always on the run, here and elsewhere. Movement, his life. His creative mind always in motion, in search, in "quest for", constantly questioning a work that he never considers as acquired.

Ousmane then uses all his skills and influences in synergy, to create original and unique works, sources of luminosity, vibrations, emotions. His ambition is to capture the energy of the moments, to capture the cases of the memories to mark it on a medium. Today he takes a new course in his work to extend his universe that he wants to make his audience discover.
Vagonbandant between digital drawing and painting, he makes his universe grow every day and evolve his style easily identifiable.
 The art of Ousmane feeds on the Japanese prints, from the birth of his new practice of drawing. "Intensive, dazzling, the best possible"
Always in search of this Eldorado promised by drawing promise of an inner peace.